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Welcome To The Grantshouse Community WEB Site


Grantshouse is a small community in the Scottish Borders. It is made up of - the main village of Grantshouse - together with a small number surrounding settlements, the larger of which are Harelawside and Houndwood. 

Located in the county of Berwickshire, it has a rich history with past connections to the development of the East Cost Railway line and the A1 trunk road. Today, it is vibrant rural community that includes farms, residential houses and a number of small businesses.

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  1. The first Community Council meeting since lock down will take place on the 15th July in the village hall - click here for more detail 
  2. New planning request - observations required. Click here to see the detail
  3. New benches in the play park - 2 new benches have been installed in the Play park - click here to see more

Grantshouse Main St

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